Hanna and Hedvig

When we planned our trip through Asia in the fall we felt that something was missing. The beaches were perfect, the cities seemed to be interesting and the environments exciting. But something was still missing. We wanted to help. We wanted other people to smile because of us. The areas that we where going to pass by were not the richest rather the opposite. Therefore it felt extra important to help, of course you could donate money to organizations etc. But it doesn’t feel the same to donate money on the phone as to be there and actually help. We got in touch with Lena Ramfelt who told us about the Global Buddy School Initiative. We thought
it sounded absolutely perfect. We had no desire to go on a three month volunteer trip, but at the same time, we wanted not only to back pack. Being a backpack ambassadeur is the perfect mix of the two worlds. You have time to enjoy and experience your trip, while helping children around the world to connect with other children. You help them tie new contacts with each other, to develop a network with friends all over the world to prevent war. For who would fight with their best friends?
Being a backpack ambassadeur helps you to go to places you would not pass by, as most schools are not located among all hostels. You get to see a different kind of reality, and you get to spend more time with the locals than you would on a regular trip. Getting warm hugs from the children and to help them write letters to their new friends is a whole new experience. Although we were nervous at first, it was quickly over when we realized how amazing the children were. They are interested in the rest of the world and find it extremely interesting that through a couple of words on a paper they can reach out in the world perhaps longer than the ever will travel. What could be better than getting to be the person who helps their words to reach out to the world?
This was something that really put a silver lining on our journey. It was not just us about us all the time, it was also about helping others. Especially helping children is certainly something we would recommend to others who are going to travel. It just makes the trip (if possible) even better, and it will warm your heart more than you think!