SSHL Sends School Bag to Ecuador

To Sarayaku

Students at SSHL in Sigtuna, Sweden, sent together with the Make a Kid Smile Foundation a school bag to the village Sarayaku in Ecuador. The school bag was filled with school material and toys. Letters and photos from year 5 at Josefina School in Sigtuna were also included. Exchanging letters with children in other parts of the world is a good way to get to know each other’s culture.

Do you want to send a school bag to a school with limited resources, please visit

Christmas Tree Competition 2012


The students at SSHL and Josefinaskolan in Sigtuna have helped Make a Kid Smile decorate a Christmas Tree for the competition at Stora Brännbo. The tree is covered with Smilies with greetings on the backside. Schools in Ecuador, Russia and Iran have been asked if they want to contribute. These schools also received a letter about Swedish Christmas traditions. The Smilies will be sent to MaKS’ Global Buddy Schools after the competition.


Collecting Garbage

The students of The Acme Academy in Kathmandu were made aware about the garbage . They were told how the garbage at home , their surrounding and in school  effect their health. They were also given knowledge how the garbage pollutes the air , water and soil ultimately effecting the whole ecosystem.

ACME collects garbage

They were told to bring the garbage collected at their home ( trash collected in one day)

They presented their findings in this document: TRASH PROJECT ACME