Escuela Secundaria N°33



Name of the School: Escuela Secundaria N°33

Founded in: 2012

Situated: Argentina

Grades: Elementary, Junior High, Senior High

Ages of the students: 12-18

Number of Students: 710

Number of Teachers: 100+

Here is a letter from Esteban who works with the school!

Hello, my name is Esteban Maidana. I am from Buenos Aires. I am 24 years old and I study business administration. I am a backpack ambassador. I am leading and driving two projects in Buenos Aires. They are called “The Letter Projects”. Last month I made the decision to give students from Buenos Aries the opportunity to get in touch with students from Sweden. I thought it would be an extraordinary chance for them to get in touch with different cultures. After a nice talk and a Q&A session and before leaving the school one girl called Danna came and said to me in a low voice ” Can you send this letter to the kids in Sweden, please?”. I was thrilled, shocked and surprised by her .

I am grateful with ” Make A Kid Smile ” foundation and Global Buddy School program to give Danna and other students the opportunity to meet new kids, and make new friends.

#YOLFO=You only live for others!

Cheers and a huge hug from Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Esteban David Maidana

Thank you!

If you want to read the whole letter please click here –> EstrbanLetter.v1 Dana 1 

Here is a couple photos from the school.

Danna is in the first photo

(ninth from the left)

School I School 2 School 3

Contact Information

School name Escuela Secundaria N°33
Address Homero 3870
City Buenos Aires
Country Argentina

Contact Person: Esteban David Maidana

Global Buddy Schools is important to our school because…

Principal Marina Pereyra




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