teckningsutbyte 2011 ACMEDraw a picture of the flag of your country. Or draw one with your whole family. Paint a picture of the nature close to where you leave. Use multiple colors or use only pencil. Your drawing can be large or small, be made only by you or a team with you and your friends. Anything goes! Send your drawing to one of our Global Buddy Schools and we can promise that you will get a drawing in return. If you want you can also write your name, age, and where you live on the back of your drawing.


This is a Christmas greeting exchange between our Global Buddy Schools SSHL in Sweden and ACME in Nepal.



In junior classes communication activities between Global Buddy Schools generally begin with students and classes exchanging drawings.  For a school that can’t afford it, stationery including envelopes, letter paper, pencils/pens to be used in these exchanges is provided by the organization Make a Kid Smile and is financed through donations to this organization.

During a lesson, the class is engaged in drawing pictures, introducing themselves to a class somewhere else in the world. The teacher can of course take the opportunity of teaching more about the corner of the world where the class’ drawings will end up eventually. The drawings are then put in a large envelope which is stamped and addressed to the designated school.

When you have completed an activity, send an e-mail to info@globalbuddyschools.org and give us an update what you have done and which school you are communicating with so we can make sure you will get an answer.

Once a class has received drawings, it is up to the teacher of that class to let the kids respond.

Drawing ACME 2013

Drawing ACME 2013 2
Drawings from Nepal