GBS Posting Letter (2)
Letter box in Nepal

You got a letter, but what do you do now? Now that you’ve read the letter your curiosity sparks creating questions e.g. “…but what do they do after school in Ecuador?”, “…is there any particular kind of food that they eat to celebrate in Nepal?”, or “…what kind of music do they listen to in Tanzania?”. Those and all other question you can think of is only one letter away. You and the rest of your class write one or several letter to one of our Global Buddy Schools and we promise you that you will get answers back. A letter can be really simple: you telling your name, your age, where you live, and what hobbies you have. Or a letter can be long, including photos of your school, your friends, a drawing of one of your favorite places. You decide!

Recent Letter Exchange

Class 7E at SSHL were greatly surprised during their Mentors time with a visitor from far away. Tendi Sherpas and Ganesh Sharma were coming all the way from Nepal to tell them about e.g. the long roads to school that some students might take in order to get to school or how it was to hike in the highest mountains in the world. They showed pictures while answering questions. Afterwards Carl and Alice from grade eight talked about how it was to exchange letters with youth from other far off places in the world. Their class had also written letters to students in Nepal and gotten response letters. They also talked about what they had learned and encouraged 7E to do the same and write letters with GBS these far away communities which they also did.

DSC_0214 photo
7E at SSHL writing letters and Tendi bringing the letters back to Shree Laxmi Lower Secondary School in Nepal


All communication activities between Global Buddy Schools generally begin with students and classes exchanging letters, unless it is a class where the children are not yet able to write in which case drawings are more suitable for the exchange. We believe that writing physical letters is valuable in many aspects and therefore leave the e-mails be.  For a school that can’t afford it, stationery including envelopes, letter paper, pencils/pens, to be used in these letter conversations is provided by the organization Make a Kid Smile and is financed through donations to this organization.

During a lesson, the class is engaged in writing letters, introducing themselves to a class somewhere else in the world. The teacher can of course take the opportunity of teaching more about the corner of the world where the class’ letters will end up eventually. The letters are then put in a large envelope which is stamped and addressed to the designated school.

When you have completed an activity, send an e-mail to info@globalbuddyschools.org and give us an update what you have done and which school you are communicating with so we can make sure you will get an answer.

Once a class has received letters, it is up to the teacher of that class to let the kids respond.