My Story

my story app

Share your school!


Make a Story where you show your school (see examples here). Add pictures, sounds, play with the features in the My Story app and make your own movie about your school.

Answer the questions below and anything else you like to share about your school.

  • What does a classroom look like?
  • The outside and inside areas for recess?
  • Where you and your friends have lunch?
  • Tell about how big the school is: how many students, how many teachers, what grades?
  • The length of a regular school-day?
  • How many days you go to school in a year?
  • When school starts and ends during a day?
  • Interview a few students and ask them what they like about your school.



  • Download “My Story” from App Store.
  • Follow the instructions here
  • Make your story according to the instructions above.
  • Play the movie in the app to make sure you are happy with the result.
  • Make sure that the email program on your iPad works.
  • When you are finished with your movie story, please send it to – he is the person who has invented “My Story. Azin will upload the story at here



Your school is part of a project in Global Buddy Schools ( where schools from different parts of the world will contribute with the same material about their schools. All the different schools will then share the material on a website so everyone can learn more about what schools look like around the world.

Good Luck!