Cleaning Campaign at ACME Academy

ACME Trash 2012 4

On 11 October 2012  Acme Academy , Kathmandu , Nepal, organized a cleaning campaign and hiking program with the support from Sustainable Tourism Network, Nepal. This cleaning campaign was organized as post event to celebrate ‘World Tourism Day 27 September 2012’. There were total 36 students and teachers participating in the campaign. The students enjoyed the hiking , observed nature- the hills, Kathmandu valley from Shivapuri height and the forest. They did cleaning on the way of hiking. They also visited Nagi Gumba (Buddhist Monastery on the way).

Collecting Garbage

The students of The Acme Academy in Kathmandu were made aware about the garbage . They were told how the garbage at home , their surrounding and in school  effect their health. They were also given knowledge how the garbage pollutes the air , water and soil ultimately effecting the whole ecosystem.

ACME collects garbage

They were told to bring the garbage collected at their home ( trash collected in one day)

They presented their findings in this document: TRASH PROJECT ACME